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Mechanical & Automotive

Simple, automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

This is an idea I had in 1986 while at engineering school when I was helping with the UCT pedal racing car. I have yet to see this idea in the market so am now doing some prior art research and will try to build a few prototypes. It is a very simple system with integrated automatic ratio shifting.

Low cost wireless moisture sensor

A simple, low-cost sensor for measuring fluid levels or moisture. These inexpensive sensors can be built into buildings, cast into concrete, placed into vehicles, machines, tanks etc. to allow remote monitoring of any liquids. The cost would be less than $0,1 per sensor and the reading range can be over 5m.

An energy-efficient rapid water heater to reduce both water and electricity wastage (easily installed to existing water taps/faucets.)

High performance pistons and conrods for the Jaguar XK inline 6 engine

During the process of starting to rebuild my 1961 Jaguar E-type as a vintage racer, I was not happy with the design of the available racing pistons and connecting rods so I have started working on shorter, lighter pistons with a crown that gives better squish and has a better combustion chamber shape. The original pistons were too high, too heavy and the “orange peel” shaped combustion chamber has little squish and slows flame-front propagation.

The original conrods are not bad for a design that was done over 60 years ago but I’d like to take advantage of the very long block (and shorter, modern pistons) to get a better rod ratio. I will soon have a short run of forged titanium rods made.