Let's save lives with affordable dialysis

It CAN & SHOULD be done!

An Ultra Low-Cost Hemodialysis System

Dialysis is currently a very expensive treatment and usually only available to patients in rich countries. Canada spends almost $100,000 per patient each year and with the increase in diabetes and an aging population, the costs of chronic kidney failure are consuming a disproportionate share of limited healthcare resources. At the same, millions of people in lower income countries are dying because they cannot afford the high cost of dialysis.

It doesn't have to be this way. A far less expensive solution is technically possible but not in the interest of the companies that currently dominate the market. This is a perfect opportunity for a disruptive, low-cost solution that could save lives in lower income countries in the short term and save billions in rich countries in the longer term.

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to fund a project of this nature. Traditional startup financing possibilities are focussed on profits, not lives saved, while purely non-profit funding usually doesn't fund "for profit" social enterprises that want to be sustainable by making some profits to reinvest and grow.

We are looking for $100k for the initial feasibility study which we expect will demonstrate the feasibility of some of our ideas. The costs are low because so many people are volunteering their time and knowledge to this initiative. Once the feasibility has been proven we will have more options on financing and partnerships for implementation.