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Some of my Medical Device Ideas

Medical Devices

I was fortunate to work with some very clever, generous and patient people in Research and Development at Gambro for five years who shared their time and knowledge and gave me the access, support and encouragement to explore my inventive side.

I was involved with many development projects over the years and I took the lead purchasing role in a few major OEM design, development and commercialisation projects. My role often went beyond the purchasing function and I am grateful to my two managers for allowing me this freedom.

While at Gambro, I submitted more than a dozen invention disclosures and was the sole or principal inventor for three ideas that were found patentable. I wrote the claims and descriptions for two patent applications and did the drawing for one of the applications. I also helped two colleagues with their invention disclosures and in several instances independently came up with innovations that R&D were already working on.

Since leaving Gambro, I have continued to read and research several medical device areas and I am currently exploring the following ideas to find out if they are feasible and patentable. Please contact me if you are interested in finding out about any of these ideas and possibly purchasing or licensing them.

  • Disposable, low-cost wireless temperature sensor.

  • Simple to use device for dialysis cannulation “button hole” forming.

  • A production method to reduce GDPs (glucose degradation products) in peritoneal dialysis fluids.

  • A novel method for vascular access patency measurement.

  • A valve for controlling a fluid powered diaphragm pump.

  • A safety method to ensure correct infusion fluid temperature (patent search completed, found patentable.)

  • A method to increase clearance during low-flow haemodialysis.

  • A new type of minimally invasive vascular access for haemodialysis.

  • A convenient and safe method for carrying out Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT.)

  • An infusion pump with additional safety and functionality.

  • A simple, low-cost method for transdermal drug dressing manufacture.

  • A low cost haemostatic pressure plaster for dialysis, blood donation, catheters etc.

  • Blood/infusion fluid warmer with a very low disposable cost, low fluid volume and very high heat transfer rate with low haemolysis.

  • A method for extending the patency of a reusable haemodialysis set.

  • A reliable, lightweight, re-useable wireless safety clamp for infusion and blood tubing.

  • A passive safety needle to reduce needlestick injuries.